Gangs of San Francisco is a one man operation out of San Francisco's Outer Richmond. A work in progress, it is run by me, Laureano Faedi. A self taught maker of things, I do all the design work, silkscreening, shipping and research. Having migrated to the Bay Area from Buenos Aires 30 years ago I have found San Francisco to be one of the best cities in the world to live in. This project serves as an outlet for my learning of it's history as well as a way to teach myself silkscreening. I hope that not only will people enjoy my products but that it might also inspire them to learn more about the Bay Area. We've recently opened a store in Hayes Valley where you can find all our tees and also some limited edition items not available on our site. The shop is called Paloma and it's located in Hayes Valley. Paloma, 112 Gough Steet, San Francisco, California 94102